Bursa is one of the biggest and the most developed cities of Turkey. It is situated on the south of Istanbul, the biggest city of the country, and it is only a few hours away from there, which makes it an ideal option for foreign investors.

Below, you will find the outlines of purchasing property for sale in Bursa and the advantages of Bursa for investment.

About The Requirements of Purchasing A Property for Sale in Bursa

To explain purchasing property for sale in Bursa, you should know about purchasing property for sale in Turkey in general.

Purchasing property in Turkey for foreign investors is relatively simple, because there are no strong restrictions for those who plan to invest in as a foreigner, and the documents required for the purchase are insignificant in number.

Basically you will need a valid passport and a valid visa (if required). If your aim is to settle, not to invest, then you should go out of Turkey every three months and enter the country again. Visiting Greek islands or other Greek cities is the most practical way to do so.

After you decide to invest in property in Bursa, you should determine the best option that meets your needs. Then, you will have to follow some steps that include deposit, sales contract, rental agreement, military approval, deed approval, and so on. You can find the steps in detail on our website, and you can receive support from us at every single step.